PONY-O is nothing like a normal hair tie. It has a copper filling, which keeps its shape to hold your hair in place. The outer layer of silicone prevents any pinching and is super soft on your hair. On the inside of every PONY-O are lots of little bumps, which help to grip your hair, and means you won't need to tighten your ponytail. This stops your hair being pulled at the root, and prevents hair breakages.

To secure your hair, you need to scrape your hair up to the desired height of your ponytail. Open up your PONY-O and thread your hair through. Squash it back to a flat position, with your hair evenly distributed. Using two hands, hold the flat PONY-O in place, and curve the edges around one at a time. Make sure to keep the PONY-O squished together as you do this. The end shape should resemble a horseshoe. That's it! It really can be done in seconds. Practice makes perfect, and if you feel the PONY-O isn't holding your hair, you probably need to work on your technique to make sure it's squished nice and flat, and your edges are curled right over.

The PONY2.0 works in exactly the same way. It is slimmer and lighter, so perfect for up dos, pigtails, or to secure plaits.

BLING RINGZ will instantly jazz up your ponytail. They simply pop on top of a PONY-O using magnetic clasps.

Want to try a BUN BAR? The BUN BARZ are best used in combination with a PONY2.0. Secure your hair into a ponytail at the desired height. Open up your BUN BAR and distribute your hair evenly along the length of the bar. Slide it up to near the end of your hair, holding your hair up towards the sky. Tip the BUN BAR forwards, and roll down until your BUN BAR meets your head. Bend backwards until the ends of the BUN BAR meet to form a circle. SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH the bun so your BUN BAR feels secure on your head. Pull your hair around to cover the BUN BAR and your bun will look perfect all day long!

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