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Kids’ hair is either fun to play with or crazy to manage — there is really nothing in between. As a parent, I'm pretty sure you can relate to the struggle of having a really busy morning, and your daughter whining about her hair before going to school. To calm down the chaos, you resort to putting her hair in a ponytail.

The ponytail is definitely the easiest hairstyle for kids when you're trying to get out the door! But, unfortunately, using an elastic hair tie can actually damage their hair.

When you use a regular hair tie, you pull and tug, and the back and forth on the elastic causes friction that can break hair. Not to mention, if it’s too tight, it can pull on the hair follicle. Plus, if they wear their hair up to sleep, it can get tangled and finding an elastic in that mess can cause even more damage.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t put kids’ hair up. Get it out of their face for playtime at school or on the playground with a non-damaging and comfortable PONY-O.

PONY-O is a gentle, patented hair accessory that’s comfortable and secure in every hair type, no matter the age! It’s easy to use and stays in all day without having to constantly readjust the hold.

The genius to our design is the way you put the PONY-O in, and take it out. It’s made with a malleable metal and coated with a soft silicone, so there’s no snagging or hair pulling. Feed hair through it, bend it, and you’re good to go.

PONY-O is perfect for easy, hassle-free ponytails for kids who have fine, thick or curly hair. Kids can even use it on themselves!

How to make a ponytail:

Step 1: Using only your thumb and pointer finger, feed hair through the PONY-O and pull it down, close to the head.

Step 2: Let go of the ponytail, and flatten the PONY-O with both hands.

Step 3: Bend each end down separately under the ponytail, using your thumbs. (It’s important that you don’t bend the PONY-O once in the middle. It won’t hold hair like it’s supposed to.)

For an even tighter hold, bend the ends down a little more. If your kid pulls on the ponytail to make it tighter like they might with an elastic band, the PONY-O will loosen. Just bend it back down to re-tighten.

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